....who was

My name is Paolo , I was born in Torino in 1960 and I am fond of photography from 1987, since I abandoned my hobbies ( motorcycles, electric bass and sports ) because of a serious myelin desease. In spite of it I'm still working as a sales agent at the edge of my forties, and in the freetime I try to take good pictures of my neighbourhood and town, as I can't move as much as I would like since then. My tools are a F3 Nikon and a FM2 Nikon, both of them are motorized and mount optics from 18 to 300 ED, but I still miss my previous set, a Pentax LX ( always in my heart ) and a MX with optics from 20 to 300 ED, that was stolen from my apartment some years ago. I specially like car and motorcycle racing photographs and I love doing portrait too, some of those gained me a prize, but landscapes also are inspiring subjets to me. 


my   hobbies  : music, photography, good wines and computers.